These cutting edge NFC uses will make your business more money

NFC tags are revolutionising the in-store shopping experience, bridging the physical with the digital for a multifaceted and multidimensional consumer journey.

The NFC industry is poised to boom, and it goes beyond curating in-store experiences. It extends to a variety of applications across all industries, with the NFC smart packaging market alone set to be valued at $26.7 billion by 2024.

Retailers are starting to capitalise on NFC tags to provide more information, strengthen the buying experience and drive engagement. The result is greater sales and brand loyalty. And with what many businesses are doing, both retail and non-retail, proximity marketing is going beyond his. NFC tags also the power to automate processes, drive efficiency and cut costs.

This is easy to understand in many industries, particularly those involved in supply chain and logistics. The automotive industry and heavy manufacturing are increasingly relying on NFC tags to log information about products in production, with all information safely stored and ready to moved onto to the stage of production.

Direction of NFC and why it matters to your business

How does this relate to what we do at TapnFeel? Your retail store has the power to deliver personalised, curated experiences to your customers. The tag sits on the product, let’s say a pair of shoes in a boutique store, a bottle of whiskey in distillery or a next to loaf of bread in an artisan bakery. By tapping the tag with their smartphone, your customers are directed to any website of your choosing. It could be a specific product landing page, your main website, a YouTube video, Instagram page – or anything. It is an opportunity to reveal more about the product, its authenticity, manufacturing process and even has the power to deliver personalised, curated experiences to your customers. You can even target your customers with evocative advertising.

It frees up time for staff – the tag can deliver product information and sizing instead. With NFC, customers can pay, with automation speeding up processes and cutting costs.

NFC is responding to industry specific challenges

NFC is becoming increasingly personalised to the unique business and product, and is meeting challenges faced by retailers. One example is the olive oil industry, where producers and distributors rely on demonstrating authenticity. With tags built into the packaging, customers can tap their phones and receive information from independent professional tasters which verify the authentic of the product. With fraudulent products rife in the olive oil and wine industries, we can see how NFC is being used to respond to specific industry problems, as well as creating opportunities for grater engagement.

Smart packaging creates engagement at home

You don’t even require physical store location for NFC to be hugely effective. The smart packaging market takes the consumer journey out of store and into customers’ homes. If you are an online retailer, you can include NFC tags in packaging. Sell shoes? Then include NFC tags on the shoe box or have a tag on the shoe itself. The same curated experiences, provided by links to a website and media of your choice are delivered at home. The result is enhanced engagement, brand strengthening and the ability market other products, promotions and more.

Next week we will discuss the power of NFC marketing insight, and how data gathered by NFC tags provides critically important information that can be exploited for targeted marketing and increased sales.

To learn more about how Tapnfeel is changing the consumer shopping experience by bridging the physical with the digital, click here.



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