Get tapping with NFC to bridge online/instore gap

Bridging the online/instore gap doesn’t mean what you think it means. It is no longer just about a flawless online store. It is not about store locators or mobile friendly sites. These things should be standard for any business.

So what is about about?

To really close the gap between instore and online, innovative retailers are incorporating NFC tap technology in their brick and mortar stores.

Bridging instore and online

NFC goes beyond paying for your coffee at Starbucks – retailers are using it to create an extra dimension to the shopping journey that genuinely blends the real with the digital.

But how does it work?

Imagine a tag on an item. It could be designer jacket. A pair of sneakers. High end furniture. The customer sees the tag, tags their smartphone on it, and media is played. Video, information on materials, sourcing and manufacturing, a message from the manufacturer, its uses and more. It adds another element to the buying journey that takes a static product and makes it multidimensional.

And just like your coffee at Starbucks, you can tap and pay with your device too.

By creating digital NFC tags, retailers can present all information about the product digitally. If a customer wants to know the size, they have to tap. Want to know the price? They have to tap. No smartphone? Then don’t worry, a sales assistant will help.

But you get the idea – to find out more you must use your smartphone and in so doing, you are exposed to a whole digital element with compelling media, information and more.

Here’s an example.

1. You enter a furniture store and see a wooden dining table
2. You want to know the price and other info
3. You tap your smartphone against the tag and see the price, as well as promotional media that sells the product, highlights the uses, and explains the ethical manufacturing process
4. You check the dimensions on your device, place your order and pay


This is bridging the gap – delivering information and an experience via smartphones that cannot be delivered normally instore. The result is a symbiotic experience that enhances the physical shopping experience. With product media and information, the customer is drawn further into the brand, becomes invested in the story behind it, and feel compelled to buy into it.

The result?



Beyond media and other information, NFC are an effective way of offering discounts. See a product you like? Then tap to see if it is on sale. It is a great way to compel customers to tap, and once they tap they are exposed to the whole branded experience.

Mobile inspired brand journey

Tapping is all about branding. People come to your store because they like the brand, or because they trust it. NFC tap technology allows you expose your customers to your brand like never before.
And that is the essence of what shopping is – it is not just about buying a physical product but about investing emotionally into an aesthetic, idea or lifestyle. If you allow your customers to do this, it will reflect in your sales.
That is how retailers are starting to bridge the online/instore gap.

Tapnfeel is the leading provider of immersive in store experiences, bridging the physical with the digital. Learn more about how Tapnfeel can tell your story here.


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