We love being spied on when it gives us the right ads

“Big Brother is watching you”, George Orwell famously wrote in his bestselling novel, 1984. Like Orwell, we are wary of how our data is used, and how companies use it. We value our privacy and the internet threatens it.

Or so we thought. It turns out Orwell was wrong. We actually want companies to use our data.

According to JiWire:

• 53% of customers are happy to share location to receive more relevant advertising
• 57% of consumers are more likely to engage with ads if they are location based
• 62% of consumers share discounts for stores in their area with friends
• 63% of consumers consider a coupon to be the most valuable form of advertising

Far from hyperlocal marketing being an intrusion of privacy, consumers consider it highly valuable. We dislike advertising when it is irrelevant, but love it when it shows us what we want and how to get it. Get it at a discount? Then even better.

We are well and truly in the internet age and we are now comfortable with the risks of sharing our data – we are now savvy enough to know what not to do, and we know that companies having our information will not result in a hacker raiding our bank account.

And so data that powers location based marketing and proximity marketing don’t pose threat to our security, nor are they a nuisance. Instead, sharing our data adds value to us by giving us what we want in the places we can get it.
This means your retail business absolutely must embrace hyperlocal marketing and proximity marketing.

Location Based Advertising

This is where ads appear to users based on their location. Let’s say your sports retail store is in Melbourne. You agree with your ad service provider to target users according to two main parameters: user location (Melbourne city centre) and what users have searched for (sports goods). Simple stuff, you’ll agree.

But it is highly effective: your target consumer who recently Googled sportswear is walking past your Melbourne store. He receives a notification with a coupon. You have what he wants, and your store is literally right there. So he walks in and buys your product.

That is Location Based Advertising in a nutshell and it makes ads more targeted, increasing conversion. It is better for the consumer and better for your business.
One step further – curating the instore experience

Apple’s iBeacon works on the basis of communicating with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Let’s say you walk past a fashion store. Your phone picks up Bluetooth signal and the store sends you a notification about a product range and a coupon for discount.

Going beyond iBeacon

This is great but Near Field Communication goes one better. Tags on products in a fashion store allow shoppers to tap their device and get a range of information about that particular product: sizing, price, uses, manufacturing process, discounts, media etc. You can even pay with your handheld device.

It adds another dimension to the shopping experience and enhances the user journey. It is engagement in-store that tells your unique story.

For more information on how TapnFeel is revolutionizing the in-store experience, click here. See how each product transcends the physical and opens up a new multimedia world. Create your story and take your customers on a unique branded journey.


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