5 actionable mobile marketing strategies to drive sales

I could hit you with stats about how about 49% of the American population uses smartphones and how the percentages increase year on year. But that’s not important – we all know that smartphones are becoming the preferred method of accessing the internet and how they are the key to engaging your customers. The only question is how to make mobile marketing work for your business.

1. NFC Technology

NFC technology allows smartphones to communicate with transmitters, which can be located anywhere – including in your store. Imagine having a product with small tag. You tap your smartphone on the tag, and you see information about the product: sizing, prices, discounts, video, uses, and anything else you can create. It is a great way to engage your customers and deliver an immersive and compelling experience. Best of all, no app is required.

2. SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is old. And compared to NFC and other innovations, it is really old. But SMS open rates are insane – as much as 98%. This means that for every SMS you send to your customers, 98% of them are likely to read it. That presents a huge opportunity to promote new stock, discounts, sales and more. Will all of them act on your message? No, but it is easy to do and your conversion rate does not have to be high for it to be worthwhile.

3. Location Based Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing is arguably the greatest innovation in digital marketing since PPC ads. The details are complex but the concepts underlying it are simple: ad services gather data from users and deliver personalized ads based on user location and interests. This allows your business to deliver highly targeted advertising to your exact target consumer base, and exactly at the right time.
It means your business can send targeted ads to customers in your specific are who want your specific product. Ads are sent based on what users have searched for and where they are located at that particular time. A Location Based Marketing firm will devise and implement your strategy.

4. Hyperlocal Keywords

Use keywords and tags for your store’s location. If you have a fashion store in Melbourne City Centre, then have these as your keywords. Mobile users will search for this and your site can appear highly in Google search rankings. It also allows mobile users to find your site on the go. Just make sure your site is mobile friendly to allow the best user experience possible – it’s not good if people find your site but can’t navigate it properly because it is not optimized. Remember that Google will favour mobile optimized sites over non mobile optimized sites.

5. Email campaigns

This isn’t unique to mobile, but it is still highly relevant. Whilst email open rates sit at around 20% (much lower than SMS), email campaigns are effective for engaging customers with targeted content. Offer discounts, sales, promotions and information about new product ranges. It’s a great way to not only engage but to enhance SEO. Remember that those click throughs all contribute to your SEO rankings.

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