Mobiles help you to be more

Over 72% of the world own a smart phone and at least 80% of your customers are invisible.  Are these really two unrelated facts?  Let’s explore the issues.

You think you have a view of your customer, you know who they are but in reality each customer is an individual and most of them do not choose to be known.  Therefore, the ideal of retail and service industries, is that you can achieve a Single Customer View that allows them to enter into a personalised interaction with that customer.  For most, large and small enterprises, this is always six months away.

When should you engage with the customer?

The best time to engage your customer is when they are already in your store or looking at your project.  They have chosen to be at the start of the sales journey and they now need you to work with them.  The longer the sales tail the more the customer will need prompts to understand why they need to make a purchase.

These are tough problems.  But, where there is a problem there is an opportunity.  There is a space where the customer is looking to find a solution and if you provide it, you have chance to become the next disruptive market.

So, imagine if when your customer was looking directly at your product and is wondering if they should purchase that you would be there, by their side.  What would you say to them? Where would encourage them to look next? Would you suggest the same product or would you try to coax them to look at the next product up?  Whatever you would choose to do, you would know that you would want to achieve more with this customer than they intended.

How can you always be there?

But, you say, you cannot be by the side of every customer at the point of sale.  The role of your point of sale advertising and the discounts and sales options you provide are intended to get the customer over the line and convert to a sale.

Yet, there is a way you can stand beside your customer, through their smart phone.  There is a technology available, which the customer opts into using, where they tap and then receive a message that helps them convert to a sale.  What this message contains is up to you.  It could be a link to an app that you want to encourage them to download.  It could be a link to a voucher, money off, which they can use at checkout.

All of these interactions can require the customer to sign in with an email.  As soon as they sign in with an email, this customer is no longer invisible to your business and you have the opening you need to have a personal conversation with the individual.  You can use all your knowledge of up selling and cross selling, all the aspirational promises that you use when you are speaking directly to a client.  When they give their email and give their name, you can begin to address them as if you know them – why? Because, now they are known to you.


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