How location based mobile marketing technology can help you.


There are four big technology players in the market.  Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon all have pitched a tent on the internet and everyone else is trying to gain a small square of space.  Very soon, the size of these organisations will make them cumbersome and they will find it difficult to react.  In this space there will be an opportunity for others to disrupt their market share and make progress.

The right questions for the right answers

The question you need to ask: are you ready to move into the gap? Are you ready to take advantage of the space and speak to the customers about what you can offer then?

With 72% of the global market in possession of a smart phone, the answer to gain the interest of the customer must lie in mobile technology.  The customer always has the phone with them and are likely to look at it for many hours per day.  Therefore, if you want to be certain of getting their attention in a noisy landscape, you have to do something different and unique to stand out.


With mobile technology, it is all about timing.  Sending unsolicited emails or SMS messages are likely to result in negative impressions on your brand.  So, you can place a sensor in your store that keys into the GPS and Bluetooth in phones to send the message because this invades the privacy of the people you hope will one day be your lifelong customer.  Getting one sale in today’s market is not enough.  If the customer buys but then churns, you will struggle to sustain success.  Therefore, you need to show respect for your customer.

So, the enigma is: how do you interact with your customer with mobile technology without invading their privacy?  The answer is to prompt the customer, when viewing your product, to use their mobile phone to find out more or to communicate with you.  This has been done through the use of competitions by many brands.  The “Text this number to enter…” route.  And, it can work.  But, and this is a big but, the prize has to be substantial, the encouragement to be interested in the brand real and the follow up conversation subtle and well thought out.  If you get the number and then ply the person with texts, it won’t be long before they opt out of text messages.

A new approach

Therefore, it might be that you need to find another means of stepping up and making yourself visible to the client.  There needs to be a more financially realistic approach to engaging with mobile technology and opening up a conversation with the customer.  This has to be available at the point of sale, where the customer has already begun to show an interest in your brand.  A simple tap of the phone, similar to the AirDrop on the iPhone, which passes information from the POS display and the phone.  You have promised nothing in particular, the customer is organically interested and you have engaged the customer in a conversation.  This could be all it takes to boost your sales using mobile technology.


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